BSIFG provides a platform in financial consulting services. It attracts highly self-motivated professionals from both academic and industry to realize our intangible values and turn our knowledge and experience into products and customer solutions.

Our consulting philosophy is formed around the concepts of teamwork, partnership,service, and quality, both in the coordination of our efforts within our firm and in our interactions with our clients. The core project team will include practitioners who have the highest professional qualifications in meeting the needs at required standards and processes that contract demands. The strength and qualifications of our staff enable us to provide analysis that is both prompt and thorough. For different kinds of financial enterprises, we provide a full range of customized consulting services, including:

1. International wide consulting for wealth management, investment and business development in areas such as real estate, mineral and finance. Our detail oriented consulting teams are capable to provide catered planning based on clients' return/risk and development appetites.

2. Business strategic planning and advisory services. BSIFG brings an integrated approach to client business advisory and management consulting services. As experienced professionals with the specific skills and knowledge, the advisory team assists clients in leveraging changes and addressing the challenges of today's business world. Services include business planning and financial proposals, M&A, financial engine development, information systems consulting.

3. Human resource consulting, which includes performance evaluation, human resources program, background investigation and other fields.

With extensive previous experiences in Canada's top five banks, insurance companies, fund companies and consulting firms, our consulting analysts are experts in various fields. Meanwhile, we have successfully organized the financial information industry seminars and receptions of abroad experts.

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