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We are a recruiting and search firm providing a wide range of solutions for financial institutions. We are different from other executive recruiting firms in that we provide customized solutions based on individual employers’ specific needs which include but not limited to pre-assessing the need of resources, identification of top qualified candidates, documentation of placement and follow up human resource outsourcing.

Our company has widely distributed range of financial human resources, with the largest database of highly demanding Chinese financial professional talents which meet the full spectrum of requirements for financial institutions. In addition, a unique specialty of our company is the database of the largest financial engineers specialized in analytic and quantitative areas.



Service process:

Phase 1

Recruitment Agreement

After discussion with our clients, a mutually agreeable contract will be signed by both sides to assign the BSI Financial group an official executive research team of our clients.

Formulation of Strategy:
The BSI Financial group will research and clarify the position requirements in professional background and experience, to develop an appropriate work strategy. We will build a corporate profile and develop an in depth understanding of your requirements for the position. We can also help with compensation planning and up to date salary comparisons. In addition, we can conduct an exit interview of the employee leaving the position to gather more information about the nature of the position.


Executive Research:
Based on the existing talent database, experience with similar projects and the extensive social network, BSI Financial Group will source suitable candidates, run targeted recruitment advertising, scanning internet databases and utilizing any relevant professional or industry associations and directories. We will communicate the progress with our clients according to the agreement.


Phase 2

Selection of Candidates:
Potential candidates are qualified by skill set, motivation, career fit, experience, income expectations, location and any other parameters unique to your situation. The BSI Financial Group will screen the resumes from all candidates and have preliminary interviews to assess whether the candidates meet all the requirements of customers and can qualify for long-term positions. A short list of most suitable candidates will be then professionally generated critically and in detail against all of the parameters relating to your position.


Candidates Evaluation Report:
The BSI Financial Group will provide our clients a comprehensive, accurate, clear evaluation report for each selected candidate. Reports will include educational background, work experience summary, preliminary interviews and other assessment points.

Clients Interview:
The BSI Financial Group will help our clients to arrange interviews with the candidates and notify both sides the interview results. Before our clients sign a labor contract with any candidate, the BSI Financial Group does not charge any fees.


Phase 3

Probation Period:
If the selected person did not pass the three months probation period, the company will once again seek candidates for the position, without recharging.


In addition, according to actual needs from our clients with extra specific charges, the BSI Financial Group can provide the following recruitment outsourcing extension services:

Background / Security Investigation:
The BSI Financial Group can help our clients to process the final identity and safety checks, including criminal records, investigations, graduate academic qualifications, and past work experience.

Labor contract:
The BSI Financial Group is available upon request, according to the Canadian labor law standards, to assist the bank employees to complete the labor contract.

Personnel Arrangements:
The BSI Financial Group is available upon request, according to industry standards, to assist the bank to complete the insurance, employee benefits arrangements and other personnel work.


Our Guarantee
Our guarantee is detailed in the Agreement spelled out in Phase 1.

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