BSIFG First C++ Programming Financial Engineer Training July 2014. BSIFG Quantitative Training Program IV in 2015. More details in BSIFG news on the home page ( This is BSIFG's training information centre. We provides a series of advance finance training course. Please send Email to for your request. " BSIFG's Job-oriented Training program will start on June 15. Our first program is designed for the Capital Markets Trading, Market Risk, and Model Vetting and Validation. Please contact to for more information.


Cplustraining C++ Financial Engineering Training Programs -- 2015

How to enrol the training programs in 2015?
  • Please contact us by Email at or call at 647-768-8845 for a training consultation.

  • Please fill out an registration form or online registration, and send it back to our office by Email

  • .
  • If you are master degree or Ph.D students in quantitative related academic background, such as Math,Engineering, Statistics, Computer Science, Finance, etc., you are qualified to apply this QFRM training program. A non-refundable registration fee of $50 is required to pay by E-mail transfer,PayPal or cheque. Please contact us before transferring.